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The Best Window Washing Tips

By Kimberly Ripley, eHow Contributor

Some simple tips will help you do the best job possible when washing your windows.

Windows are meant to be seen through as well as to allow natural light to come inside. When windows are dirty they can’t do their jobs. In order to keep your windows shiny and clean, it’s imperative to wash the windows and to learn to do them well. Does this Spark an idea?

Clean each of your windows in a specific order; namely from top to bottom. You’ll constantly battle the dripping water or cleanser if you work from the bottom up. The liquid will continue to run in a downward motion and you’ll likely never wipe it all up before it starts to dry. The end result will be windows that are riddled with unsightly streaks.

Window cleaners like Windex work well for cleaning your windows, but if you run out, there are other options that you likely have in your home already.
White vinegar will clean your windows just as well—if not better than window cleaning solutions. You may use it full strength or dilute it with water in a spray bottle. Either way, spray or apply with a cleaning cloth and wipe away. Your windows will be sparkling clean and free of streaks.

Outside Tips
Cleaning your windows from the outside is among the least favorite household duties. There are kits available in retail stores designed to clean the outside of your windows, using your garden hose. The hose nozzle attaches to a nozzle on the bottle of cleaner. Turn on your hose. The water will then travel through the hose to the cleaner, where it dilutes it and sprays the mixture onto your dirty windows.
If you don’t purchase one of these kits, you’re destined to clean the outside of your windows the old fashioned way. However, streamline your process using these tips. Strap on an empty carpenter’s belt and fill the slots with spray cleaner, towels and a squeegee. Make sure someone is available to hold your ladder steady at all times. Climb up and do your job with all your necessities close at hand; eliminating the need for constantly climbing up and down the ladder.

Invest in a squeegee. Fairly inexpensive and easy to find in most home and garden or hardware stores, squeegees will make your window washing experience faster and easier. A long handled version will make cleaning those tough to reach windows a whole lot easier. Use your squeegee from the top to the bottom.
Plain newspaper will do a good job at cleaning your windows, too. Use instead of paper towels for windows that are clean and shiny without little bits of lint or dust affixed to them.

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